Curve Sculpting Latex Waist Trainer

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 100% NATURAL LATEX 96% COTTON LINING 4% SPANDEX 3 ADJUSTABLE HOOK CLOSURE 9 STRONG STEEL BONES THE REVOLUTIONARY CURVE SCULPTING WAIST TRAINER Curves like Kim Kardashian BUT BETTER.. I spent literally YEARS in the making to finally come to this moment of creation. We bring to you our cutting edge and a new revolution of the waist trainer. "CURVE SCULPTING" . It’s a waist trainer but have the curves of a corset. And the best part. It’s comfortable to wear. Do you struggle to find the perfect Waist Trainer that gives you the curves you want..?! I know I did for a long time.. Finding a waist trainer that doesn’t make your chest look like they are up near your neck, or your lower bit of your tummy bulging out (like it’s a common thing on regular waist trainer than not.) Now, you can let your worries go.. We have designed a new type of Waist trainer. We call this “Curve sculpting.” It sculpts out that hourglass shape like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez aka Jlo. Whilst not over lifting your breast. (That's why our waist trainer has a curve designed to sculpt with your body) It also manages your upper tummy bulge (the one in between your boobs) and that little bulge right below your tummy. Our Curve sculpting Waist trainer will solve all that! Aaa.. what a dream come true! This revolutionary curve sculpting piece will sure change your life. Well.. it changed mine. Now, you can get your hands on them NOW..

Curve Sculpting

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